1. The FIFTH International Piano Competition Ciudad de Sevilla for Young talents is organized by “Fundación Avanza” and “Andalucia Música”.

2. The competition includes three categories: A, B and C.

the following age limits are set for each category:

Category A: between 8 and 12 years (must be 12 years old on April 30, 2016).

Category B: up to 17 years (not to exceed 17 years of age on April 30, 2016).

Category C: up to 25 years (not to exceed 25 years old on April 30, 2016).

The winners of the first prize in a category all of the previous edition may not enroll in the same category in the current edition. However they may enroll in a higher category.

3. By way of registration will be paid 40 € if compete in category A, 50 € in case of category B and 60 € in case of C in the account IBAN: ES20 0049 1861 1329 1042 1207 bank Santander, beneficiary: Fundación Avanza.

4. To take part in the contest entry shall be made through the online form on which the following documentation must be attached in digital format (JPG or PDF):

a) ID or passport of the contestant.
b) A photograph in digital format
c) Receipt of registration fee income.
d) Link to video participant.
e) authorización for publication of images (download)

5. Registration is open from the publication of this notice until 10 April 2018.

6. Online first round: The first round will be online by sending a link to a video from youtube or vimeo (if necessary support to upload videos or any technical problems can contact the contest).

Interpretation is valued more than the quality of the video (sound must be heard acceptably, a video recorded with a smartphone is more than enough). Durations videos must be 2 minutes minimum for category A, 6 minutes minimum for category B, 8 minutes minimum in category C.

For all categories: the repertoire of the first round online stage is totally free: they could be pieces that will be played later in the competition or not. It is important that the videos last at least as the minimum duration.

As the link of the videos submitted, it will be published on the competition website (concursopiano.es). Public will be able to register and vote contestants. The selection committee will consider the public’s preference will constitute 20% of the final grade.

7. Any communication with the organization of the event may be made via email, to concursogarciacasas@gmail.com address and telephone +34665587424 (Whatsapp)

8. The event will be held on Monday April 30 at the Conservatory “Manuel Castillo” in Calle Baños, 48 Sevilla and Tuesday May 1 at Espacio Turina Theatre in Calle Laraña, Sevilla.

On the afternoon (6 PM) of Sunday April 29 there will be an opening concert of the contest by the winners of the previous edition of the competition.
The concert will take place at the Consulate of Portugal in Seville.
At the end of the concert the draw to establish the order of performance of the competition beginning with the letter of the alphabet has been drawn will be made. the presence of the contestants is not necessary.
The order of performance will be posted on the web the night of the concert.

9. Schedule

The qualifying rounds will start at 10:00 hours and will take place at the Conservatory “Manuel Castillo” in Calle Baños.
The conservatory is open from 9:00 hours for each contestant has the opportunity to try the piano.

10. Final and awards.

On the day May 1st, it will take place the awards ceremony and the concert of the winners. The winners must necessarily play at the final concert.

11. Repertoire:

The repertoire to be presented to the contest is completely free and must not exceed the following time limits:


First round (online): 2 minutes (minimum time)

Semifinal: 6 min.

Final: 10 minutes

Cat. B

First round (online): 6 minutes (minimum time)

Semifinal: 10 minutes

Final: 15 minutes

Cat. C

First round (online): 8 minutes (minimum time)

Semifinal: 12 minutes

Final: 20 minutes

Only for categories A and B: in the final stage there is the possibility of repeat a work that has been played in the semifinal.

For all categories: the repertoire of the first round online stage is totally free: they could be pieces that will be played later in the competition or not. It is important that the videos last at least as the minimum duration.

The times given for the semifinal and final rounds should be considered as maximum time duration of the test.

The repertoire is completely free although it is noted that there is a prize for the best performance of a work by Chopin.

12.- Each contestant will perform 3 rounds: first round (online), semifinal and final.

13. The rounds will be public and jury decisions unappealable.

14. The organization of the contest reserves the right to modify the rules.

15. Participation in this competition implies acceptance of these rules, compliance with the decisions of the jury and waive any claims.

16.- The jury designated by the organizers of the contest will be composed of distinguished musicians, pedagogues or recognized music critics in the current scenario.

17. Before starting the competition, each contestant given to the jury one copy of each of the works present.
[April 30, 2020] The jury for the semifinal event will be: Andrés Carlos Manchado López, pianist and professor at the Conservatorio Superior Manuel Castillo de Sevilla – Marco Rapetti, pianist and professor at Florence Conservatory (Italy) – Tommaso Cogato, pianist, pedagogue and artistic director of the contest.

18.- Rating system: Each contestant will put a numerical score of 0 to 100 points, with 100 being the best possible result and 0 the worst.

19. Awards

The following prizes will be awarded in each category:

First Prize diploma to each contestant who received 95 points or more than half of votes of the members of the jury.

Second Prize diploma to each contestant who has received between 90 and 94 points on average vote of the jury members.

Third Prize diploma to each contestant who has received between 85 and 89 points on average vote of the jury members.

In addition, the Absolute First Prize in each category will be assigned to the contestant with the most points earned. This award will consist of Absolute First Prize Diploma and a concert with a refund of 500 € for category C; a concert (a concert or participation) with a rebate of 299 euros in category B and a concert involving 200 euros for reimbursement in Category A.

The refund will be given after the scheduled concerts.
“Diego Coca Morales” prize for the best interpretation of Chopin Prize: Diploma and 150 €
Recording a CD winners (or video).


Phone: (+34) 665 587 424 (also Whatsapp).

email: concursogarciacasas@gmail.com

Artistic Director: Tommaso Cogato.

Managing Director Alberto Flaño.

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